Friday, December 12, 2008

39 Hand-picked CMM / CMMI Training Sites

  • European Software Institute, ESI

    Own description: "ESI - Tecnalia"

  • QAI Asia - Quality Assurance Institute.

    Own description: "QAI provides inputs to knowledge organizations seeking ISO9000, Software Engineering Institutes, Software CMM, People CMM, Six Sigma, Knowledge Management and other framework–based business and process improvements."

  • Wipro - Software development outsourcing and CMM/CMMI based consulting, assessments and training.

    Own description: "Wipro Technologies is the No 1 provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform."

  • DQS India - CMMI training and assessments, and other quality management services. Located in New Delhi, India

    Own description: "DQS Certification, SEI Transition Partner, Carnegie Mellon, USA, Partner AFNOR Groupe, AFAQ-EAQA, Fifth Largest Certification Organization, CMMI, ISO"

  • EdistaLearning - E-learning courses on Software Engineering and Management.

    Own description: "EdistaLearning offers elearning courses on Software Engineering and Management (SE and M), BPO, CMMI, People CMM, ITSM and Six Sigma. Register Now for a free demo account."

  • Integrated System Diagnostics - CMM / CMMI based software process improvement consulting, training and appraisals.

    Own description: "Integrated System Diagnostics Incorporated can assist your business with model based process improvements. We offer Intro to CMMI and High Maturity Lead Appraisers and many services including appraisal, consulting, training and more."

  • Nihilent - Software development and testing services, and CMM/CMMI consulting and training. Located in India with offices in other countries..

    Own description: "Nihilent"

  • Object Training - Training in software engineering technologies, located in Australia.

    Own description: "Object Training | Be Smarter. Quicker."

  • Systems and Software Consortium

    Own description: "SSCI - Systems and Software Consortium"

  • Alcyonix - Software process improvement consulting.

    Own description: "Alcyonix - Welcome"

  • Compita - Process management services.

    Own description: "Leading worldwide software process improvement consultancy, providing CMM, CMMI and ISO15504 assessment expertise, skills and training to the IT community. Providers of the Process Professional Assessment method."

  • CyberQ Consulting - Process improvement and information security consulting, training and appraisals.

    Own description: "CyberQ Consulting - Management Consultants in India in IT and Telecom, Training and consultancy in Software Quality Assurance, CMMI, CMMI Consultants, CMMI Consultants Delhi Gurgaon Noida, SEI CMM, ISO 9000, Software Metrics, Software Quality Managemen..."

  • Dunstan Thomas - Training in various software development related topics.

    Own description: "Dunstan Thomas provides Pensions Administration and Pensions Illustration Software provider for the UK Life and Pensions market."

  • Lamri - CMMI appraisals and training, located in North Yorkshire, UK.

    Own description: "Lamri - Process Improvement Management Consultancy"

  • Method Park - Consulting and training on software processes, software engineering and project management in Germany and USA.

    Own description: "Greater Software Quality using a proven process portal with real world CMMI & Automotive SPICE Consulting & Engineering experience."

  • Process Group - CMM / CMMI based software process improvement consulting and training.

    Own description: "The Process Group"

  • Process Improvement Associate - CMM training and assessment services.

    Own description: "Lowest cost CBA-IPI assessment and CMM training"

  • Process Inc - CMM / CMMI related training, appraisals and consulting.

    Own description: "Process and project appraisals (CMM, CMMI, SCAMPI, Project Risk,), training and improvement coaching"

  • Q-Success - Software Quality Management Consulting. Owner of Software-Pointers. com.

    Own description: "Q-Success offers consulting and training for SW-CMM/CMMI based software process improvement and software quality assurance"

  • SE-Cure - Training and consulting on CMMI and specific process areas, in Switzerland.

    Own description: "SE-CURE AG offers high-consulting services to enable informed decision-making for software manufacturers"

  • Software Management Solutions - Software process consulting and training,

    Own description: "Software Management Solutions"

  • Software Six Sigma

    Own description: "Management consulting and training for software process improvement. We use our extensive experience in CMM, PSP, TSP and the application of six sigma techniques to software to help our clients develop and implement an integrated approach to SPI throug..."

  • Software System Quality Consulting - Consulting and training for software, hardware, and systems engineering process improvement.

    Own description: "Consulting services for CMM, CMMI, ISO 9000, 9001, 9000-3, BPR, Business Process Re-engineering, SQA, SPI, Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance, Software Inspections, Hardware Inspections, Business Process Reengnineering, ISO 9000 Assessments, ..."

  • SPI Partners - Dutch group of independent consultants.

    Own description: "SPI Partners. The Dutch website with answers to all your Software Process Improvement questions."

  • Tantara - Practical advice for software process improvement.

    Own description: "Hotlist (links), articles, job aids (toolkit) and more for: software process improvement, software quality assurance / management, ISO 9000-3,..."

  • Trimentus - CMM, CMMI, P-CMM, Six Sigma process improvement consulting, training and appraisal services.

    Own description: "ITIL v3 Foundation by Trimentus Chennai adds value our ISO, CMMI, Quality Certification Services, S/W testing, Training from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad India"

  • Abridge Technology - CMM / CMMI based software process improvement consulting and training.

    Own description: "Abridge Technology"

  • Allied Boston Consultants India - CMMI, ISO 9000 and training and consulting in India.

    Own description: "ISO 9000 and TQM Consultants India, ISO 9001 Consultant India, ISO 27001 Service Providers, SEI CMMI Consultants in India, ISO 14001 Consultancy Services India, ISO 20000 BS 15000 Service Providers, ISO Product Certification Company in India, Training ..."

  • ASK Process

    Own description: "ASK Process, Inc. helps software development organizations improve quality, streamline processes, cut defect rates, slash testing time, and trim development costs."

  • Broadsword - CMMI appraisals, consulting and training in Waterford, Michigan, USA.

    Own description: "CMMI-SVC, CMMI-Services, CMMI-DEV, CMMI Appraisers, CMMI Certification, CMMI Appraisal, CMM Appraisal, CMM Certification, CMMI Training, CMM Training, CMMI Michigan, CMMI, Agile, Agile CMMI, Lean CMMI, CMMI Consulting, CMM Consulting, CMMI Assessments, ..."

  • Management Information Systems - Software process improvement training and consulting.

    Own description: "Index"

  • Process and Product Quality Consulting - CMMI consulting, training, and appraisals in Houston, Texas, USA.

    Own description: "Process and Product Quality Consulting (PPQC) is an SEI Partner that offers a full suite of products and services to support organizations using the CMMI."

  • QAI Middle East and Africa - Quality Assurance Institute. Provides CMMI training, consulting and appraisal services.

    Own description: "Quality Assurance Institute - Middle East and Africa"

  • Wibas - CMMI assessments, consulting and training in Germany.

    Own description: "Leading Change. Sharing Knowledge."

  • People, Process & Performance - CMM/CMMI training, assessments and consulting in UK.

    Own description: "Home"

  • Applied Process Solutions - Consulting, appraisals and training for CMMI, ISO 9000.

    Own description: "Today's business environment is highly competitive, and organizations must work to continuously improve their performance to meet the challenges they face."

  • Fusion Technologies - Iso 9000 and project management consulting and training in Secunderabad, India.

    Own description: "Company Profile"

  • Process Plus - CMM / CMMI based process improvement consulting, training and appraisals.

    Own description: "Process Plus Inc provides software process improvement engineering assessment consulting and training services to all industries as a means of improving productivity and compliance."

  • DQS Certification - CMMI consulting, training, and appraisals in India.

    Own description: "DQS Certification India provided various CMMI Services like CMMI Certification, CMMI Assessment, CMMI Training, CMMI Appraisal, CMMI Lead Appraiser, SCAMPI Assessments, Process Improvements"


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