Friday, July 11, 2008

Quality Management System

Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) within an organization needs to be a decision by top management. The objective of the quality system needs to be clearly defined so that the system can be effective.

The design and implementation of a quality management system will vary depending on the type, size and products of the organization. Each company will have it's own objective, however most companies objective is to increase profitability. A Quality Management System will assist by:

  • managing costs and risks

  • increasing effectiveness and productivity

  • identifying improvement opportunities

  • increasing customer satisfaction

A well managed quality system will have an impact on:

  • customer loyalty and repeat business

  • market share

  • operational efficiencies

  • flexibility and ability to respond to market opportunities

  • effective and efficient use of resources

  • cost reductions

  • competitive advantages

  • participation and motivation of human resources

  • industry reputation

  • control on all processes

The objectives of your Quality Management System should mirror the above in some form.

ISO 9001:2000 requires a quality system to be documented, tested, measured and assessed.

Management commitment is essential for the implementation and ongoing success of the Quality Management System.

QMS objectives must be measurable and reflect the overall company objectives.

The QMS must be able to be managed properly, adequate resources must be allocated.

The system must be reviewed regularly and measured for effectiveness, adjustments must be made to reflect major changes to the organization and business practices.

The system must be practical and accessible to all employees within the organisation.

It is not essential to gain accreditation for a Quality Management System to work effectively. It depends on the organization if they wish to gain accreditation, however the benefits should be considered:

Your company will be recognized as an organization that is committed to providing quality products, improvement and customer satisfaction.

You will gain respect through the industry as a fully accredited quality company.

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